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lue Anchor Academy is an event hosting, training company that delivers a broad range of skills and knowledge.

Our vast knowledge and expertise has enabled us to assess and provide training programs that enable all our CLIENTS to immensely excel and be the measuring stick in their respective sectors. Blue Anchor is involved in training, CONFERENCING, workshop facilitation and hosting seminars to ensure that we update you the clients and always put you at the forefront of emerging development ideas and skills.

Our training enables our clients not to just grow in their work force NUMBER within the organization but in the competitive global economy because we believe in elevating their potential to levels beyond their expectations. In today`s world, several techniques and methods used in different types of fields are evolving and advancing every time and we are here to keep our clients abreast and to fully equip them with the appropriate tools so as to enable them to tackle the challenges they face with ease.

The difference with us and other training organizations is that, through our training we just don’t train and assist our clients but we make it a top priority for the client to understand and implement the skills and knowledge gained.

Some areas of our SPECIALIZATION

Mechanical Engineering71%




Human Resource82%

Procurement and Purchasing87%



Electrical Engineering70%

BEE Status

¨To CONTINUE being the driving force behind clients, realizing and unlocking their potential. Providing means our clients beyond customer satisfaction and expectation.

¨We value our company’s reputation just like the reputation of our clients. We just don’t value our clients financial input but the time and faith they award us to provide them with an excellent service.
We are a high powered training consultant founded on, on-time delivery, ACCOUNTABILITY, honesty, fairness, respect and equitable treatment.

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